Success Stories


Lmajaris Lepasia
Lmajaris was born to a polygamous family. His father has two wives. Her mother, the senior wife has 8 children and he is the 6th born. Only two of his brothers had a glimpse of school having gone half way into primary school education and dropped out. Lmajaris who estimates his age to be between 17 and 20 had been herding livestock all through and had gone through the Samburu rites of passage up to warriorhood having been initiated about four years ago. For sometime he had been admiring youngsters who can read and speak English and Kiswahili languages. He inquired from people how this could be possible and how he can one day own that moving object (vehicle) and live a comfortable life. He was told that the secret is knowing how to read and write which can be acquired in schools. “But couldn’t I be too late now?” he asked. One of his brothers who dropped out of school told him that he had heard of an open education programme at Maralal town which targets the likes of him. His brother brought him. It was an up hill task for the teachers to train him on how to hold a pen because at first he held it like a spear. It is now two and half months and he has known how to hold a pen, recognize letters, pronounce two letter sounds and so on. It might relatively be a long journey but Lmajaris and us have high hopes and determination that he will make it to attain his goal and lead a life.