Promoting Access to education


Promoting Access to education

Yare supports an education programme for the Samburu known as Samburu Open Learning and Continuing Education (SOLACE) .  It assists the Samburu children, youth and adults who have problem of access to education, for instance lost early opportunities or dropped out of school to join school or continue from where they had left, through a flexible education programme. School enrolment among the Samburu is 44% while illiteracy levels are 88%. Many children are out of school mainly herding livestock. Access to schooling is low because villages are far from schools- some 50km away. The nomadic pastoralist way of life also dictates that people are always on the move in search of pasture and water. The formal conventional education system is incongruent and incompatible to the nomadic way of life. The system is inflexible. Learners have to be present full time and abandon their way of life.  It keeps nomadic children out of school. SOLACE programme recognizing this problem, was initiated to offer access to schooling to all members of the Samburu people- children, youth, grown-ups, women, men and all.  Through SOLACE, learners of all ages have options of choosing their mode of learning- for example, full-time, day time, afternoons, evenings, mornings,  or are assigned teachers who keep following them as they go about their pastoralists way of life. The purpose is to ensure that illiteracy rates, inaccessibility to school, and high school drop-out rates are reduced.


SOLACE programme has several learning options viz. primary education, high school, literacy and functional skills programmes. The programme has motivated many people to learn. Girls who have been married off at an early age and warriors who had dropped out of school due to attraction of the culture get chance to learn. The programme has seen mothers bringing their children to, for example class 5 and them settling in class 1 for the day to learn.


SOLACE programme carries a lot of education awareness campaigns through village meetings and through a local vernacular radio station. SOLACE also pays salaries for of teachers and provides scholarships to needy students.

We welcome well-wishers who would like to participate with us in enhancing education access to the nomadic pastoral Samburu people. You can get inloved by supporting a needy girl or boy, assisting in the provision of learning materials like text books, or supporting in the construction of learning centres. 






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