For camels to qualify to participate in the Derby, the owners must ensure the following;

1. The  camels are given a vet check by the official vet
2. That the camels once checked are recorded by the camel master
3. The saddles, stirrups meet the standards and have been approved by the camel master
4. Camels are to be between the age of 2.5 and 15 years
5. Camels entered for the race must complete a build up  and training period of at least one month but preferably three months before the race start.
6. All camels offered for hire must comply with the preparation requirements. They must have een adequately trained for the distance entered, of good disposition, , and also familiarized with many people, vehicles and sudden movements.
7. No importation of camels from other areas in order to avoid spread of camel diseases such as Foot & Mouth Disease, Rinderpest, Type SAT3 or ASIA 1, and lumpy skin disease.
8. The camels have been rendered tick/ecto-parasite free 4 days prior to the race.
9. Camels after vet check shall be marked with a painted number




1. All participants must
a Have registered for the race and fill the form adequately by providing full information required therein.
b Pay for registration fee and hire cost
c Must be sober when riding
d Sign the standard indemnity form

Pay Third Party insurance for the race, cover by the Flying Doctor

Service. It is the entrants responsibility to ensure that they are properly covered prior to the start of the event.

2. Entrant must have been oriented on camel riding, rules and route by Thursday of the race week.
3. Each participant must pin the number firmly and high on the chest and should not folded or have shape changed in anyway.
4. Running numbers are issued on first come first-served basis where the earlier entrants will get lower running number.
5. Official T-shirts must be won during the race.
6. Official race routes must be followed strictly unless someone drops out of the race.
7. Camels shall be allocated to participants randomly. No participant or camel owner shall interfere with the process by choosing the camels for themselves or lobbying.
8. All persons involved in the race are responsible for their own medical treatment and they should ensure that they have adequate medical insurance cover.
9. All finishers shall receive ‘ A finishers Certificate’ and a Samburu present. Winners shall receive Trophies, Certificate, and Cash prizes.





1. All participants to be at the holding area 30 minutes before the start of each race.
2. No professional rider should have any other support in riding whatsoever. No chasing of camels with motor bikes, vehicles and by people.
3. No exchange of riders during the race
4. No running on foot with the camel
5. Various spaced check points exist along the routes to assist competitors to remain on the race route and to keep race control desk informed on the progress of every competitor. Competitors are not required to stop at the check points.
6. To protect all entrants from possible cheating the race routes are subjected to surveillance ancd vehicle checks.
7. The radios are also used and ambulance at the rear of the race.
8. The routes are marked and the competitors are not to travel off the general area of the marked route travels.
9. Participants are forbidden from blocking the passage of other competitors or prevent them from easy overtaking.
10. A leading vehicle shall be there with sign “CAMEL ON ROAD – SLOW DOWN”. The leading vehicle and ambulance are to keep well clear of moving camels where possible.
11. The race organizers reserve the right to alter rules, the position of check points should circumstances dictate such a need.
12. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure s/he is at the start point in time. No refunds shall be made due to such negligence.
1. All handlers are considered to be under the owner’s discipline
2. All handlers must be in suitable clean attire at all times
3. Any handler found drinking, considered drunk, will be disqualified from assisting in the race
4. Handlers are expected to be on duty as instructed by the hirer
5. It is the responsibility of the owner to pay the handler agreed allowances as and when due
6. The hirer is not expected to meet any other costs other than registration and hire costs which are standard and set by the organizers. 
7. The hirer shall not be responsible for any accidents on the camel or handler



1 No one is authorized to make any commercial documentary or feature film on the event.
2 The above notwithstanding, there will be no restriction or ban for participants making a private record of their participation.
3 TV and radio news crews officially accredited to the event (as evidenced by signed letters from their respective media houses) are free to take genuine news coverage only. They shall at all times during the event display official badges.







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