Cultural visits




Samburu culture is rich in many traditional things like songs and dances, artifacts, nomadic lifestyle, values, beliefs systems, role of all age groups and many more. We offer cultural visits to Samburu homesteads where one will experience firsthand the culture. Dances can be arranged. Learn about the medicinal plants of the Samburu. Learn how to make spears, swords and other implements by visiting the blacksmiths. Learn the Samburu traditional foods made of milk, meat and blood. Know their wild fruits. Learn how to start fire by rubbing two sticks together.


  Guided nature walk

Samburu has varied climatic and physical features. The climate ranges from humid highlands conditions to extreme desert environment. It has 25% of the Kenyan forest cover.


  Guided Safaris

Time for Safaris range from full day to two weeks depending on the stamina, time and interest of the client. One can go to the forests or arid areas. Others are interested with particular scenic attraction areas like the ‘house of God’, the breathtaking ‘World’s End View’ escarpment. We also arrange for Safaris to follow the nomadic pastoral Samburu as they go about their way of life- herding, watering livestock, milking and so on. You can walk or decide to ride on camels.



You can go bird viewing on foot or ride on a camel. We provide guides.


  Star gazing

The clear Samburu night sky provides a breathtaking view of the sky.


  Photographic Safaris

Samburu land offers plenty of features, traditions, and wildlife for photography. Every turn of the way is interesting- Birds, hills, anthills, mountains, caves, valleys, jackals, dances, attires, are plenty.




The physical features of Samburu country are diverse to provide you with an experience you will not forget.  Hiking in the plains, bushes, forests, escarpments, valleys, caves, mountains, and hills provides a great experience.


  Game viewing

Samburu is the habitat of majority of Kenya’s wildlife. .  It has variety of wildlife species such as zebras, elephants, elands, gazelles, buffaloes, giraffes, and many more. You can ride on camels or have a guided trek to the plains, scrub land or forests. A day to several days can do depending on your schedule. Our experienced moran guides are always handy in guiding and explaining what you would bump into.


  Maralal International Camel Derby Yare is the founder, and host of the Maralal International Camel Derby held august of every year. It is a famous international event you cannot afford to miss. A lot of fun and cultural showcases that is of great attraction to many people from all over the world.