The following are some of the comments and compliments from our clients




The birds’ concert in the morning, the scent of umbrella trees, makes this place unforgettable! Of course, the always kind and lovely and open people add the desire to come back again! Asante Sana!



Nice sunshine, Nice view, Friendly people, real African food. Thanks- we go due to duty.

Culla, Holland


The camel ride was a lot of fun!

Bogart- Virginia, USA


Yare is unique. Keep up the uniqueness! I love Yare

Dan- New Zealand


Great place to stay at the end of a long and tiring journey. Will be back for the Camel Derby

Guy & Louise- London, UK


Great Safari. Asante Sana!

Robertson- Scotland


Very nice Camp, good sleep and hospitality

An- Belgium


W e had a great one day camel safari.

Jam- Lamu, Kenya


Was great interacting with the Samburu

Tom- USA


Very good camel safari. What a great experience.

Helena- UK


A welcome oasis after a 10 days off road

Peter- South Africa


Yare is just fantastic

Cali- Stockholm, Sweden


Enjoyed greatly the Camel safari- staying in the bush. Wow!

Andrew- UK


Wonderful Country

Jama- Toronto, Canada


Pleasant place. Unusual! Camels are great

Doris- Italy


Great Race (Camel)- next year, I’ll ride

Elias- Kenya


Next year- pro race

Moritz, Canada


Awesome race! The wedding (traditional Samburu) was also amazing!

Ian- Canada


A very wonderful campsite



A wonderful palce one would wish to stay for ever


It was lovely night gazing at the clear African sky- stars!



We really felt at home! Thanks a lot



One love to Yare. I’m the Derby Champion!

Dubet, Sweden


Wonderful Kenyan food

Mizaki- Japan


Nice place, pleasant people, cold beer

Pol- France


Very good camel trek. Great guides. Asante!

Cox- Oxford, England


Cool nights, great time playing golf.



Peaceful, Ideal!

Kate- UK


Superb. Out of this world!



Clean, nice rooms, good food



This is a spring of life and a blessed palce. Be lifted higher!



Camels are very cute! I’ll come again

Mariko- Japan


Glorious memories whenever I come again!

Leila- Germany


Fantastic place

Anne- USA


Very very happy!. I’ll be back to Yare again! You are very hospitable

Natsumi- Japan


Beautiful environment, Great food, Wonderful hospitality

John- USA


Amazing camel ride- enjoyable

Jenny- The Netherlands


Enjoyed the cute nicely run place immensely



Very nice place and very welcoming. Thanks

Soplic- Paris, France


Wonderful sumptuous breakfast. Thanks a lot

Jennifer- Belgium


Yare is famous. Keep up the great work. Great place

Bob- UK


Brilliant. Wonderful experience

Esther- South Africa


A really friendly atmosphere. Thank you!



Great to come back again after a tough Turkana route to Ethiopia

Karen- S/Africa


The conference is god and the lodge is also great



A lovely place although camel was a bit scary, I got used to it. Thanks a lot

Fran- Cobham, England


You have a wonderful place to have a wonderful day

Blan- Utrecht, The Netherlands


Really enjoyed riding camel. Twice now!

Rebecca, Cambridge, England