Situation and Facilities
Situated in North Kenya 2km south of Maralal Town on the main Nyahururu road. It has a large campsite and 15 self contained bandas- single, double and twin bed accommodation. The 42 seated restaurant, 24 seated coffee/bar lounge, and 18 seated barbeque/coffee/bar garden, 40 seated  conference room, have good view.  All bandas have verandahs with traditional table and chairs.



1. Initiators and Home of the Samburu-Maralal International Camel Derby held every August
2. Camel Safaris/Rides/Walks
3. Cultural Lodge- Visits to unspoiled  cultural manyattas,
4. Blacksmiths (with one resident), traditional sites
5. Students’ cultural exchanges
6. Budget/pocket friendly rates
7. Quiet serene environment except for sounds from camels, jackals, laughing hyenas, singing birds, and traditional night songs from nearby manyattas.



New Improvements
Yare is now under new management which has embarked on aggressive improvements such as new interior walling material for Bandas to inhibit entrance of insects,  new beds, beddings and furniture, towels, Carpets, etc and repair sinks and improve water flow and installation of instant hot showers. The restaurant and Bar have better view of Manyatas, Birds, Kirisia mountains and rising sun.



The Camp has ample secure and quality camping space. It has both long drop and flash toilets as well as hot and cold shower water systems.  Campers can come with their own camping equipment but the Camp also has tents, mattresses, and beddings for hire. This requires early booking. The Camping charges are 300/- per person per night except during high season when it is 400 /- and 500/-during Camel Derby events.



Yare Camel Camp has 15 bandas with flash toilets, reading table, wall electricity socket, hot shower system, clothe ‘shelve’ and veranda with chairs and table for one to view the beautiful scenery. The bandas accommodation is single, double and twin.



There is 40 plus seat conference facility with adequate equipment. Beautiful shades for group discussions are also available with restaurant services.  


Family weekends

The facility is conducive for family gatherings, fun days and is equipped with child friendly paly materials.


The Camp has beautiful green gardens for various events like birth day parties, wedding receptions, pre-wedding meetings.


Traditional fire-making, residential blacksmith, cultural talks, curio shop, collection of Samburu artifacts and documentation

Cultural Events

Yare regularly organizes for cultural events especially during Camel Derby. The Samburu and Turkana communities display their cultural practices such as songs and dances, attires, foods, plays, and so on Student exchange/learning holidays/programmes


Social responsibility

Yare Camel Camp exists to promote the socio-economic status of the nomadic pastoralist Samburu and Turkana ethnic peoples in north Kenya. The events it organizes are geared towards raising awareness on rapid desertification, high illiteracy levels (88%), and chronic low school enrolment (44%). It supports needy students, promotes appreciation and utilization of indigenous resources, admirable and positive cultural practices and values, and diversification of livelihoods. We also promote peaceful co-existence among nomadic pastoralsists Samburu, Turkana and Pokot peoples.



1. CAMPSITE is 300/- per head per night (400/- during high season, and 500/- during Camel Derby). No charges for crew and vehicles. Tents available with prior arrangement at 300/- each per night. Beddings also available at 200/- per person per night.


Bandas. Accommodation in Bandas is as shown below .  We offer negotiated rates for our frequent clients and student groups. Crew is given free banda where available. 

Rack Rates (High Season and during Camel Derby)

 NON-RESIDENTS Single     US$ 32 38 45 52
Double    US$ 48 57 68 80
Twin        US$ 55 66 78 91
Triple       US$ 73 89 107 125
RESIDENTS Single      Ksh 1800 2200  2700 3250
Double     Ksh 2700 3400  4300 5200
Twin         Ksh 3400 4200  5100 6150
Triple       Ksh 3900 4980 6180 7600

Middle Bandas
ADD to standard rates-Non-resident: Single $10; Double- 16. No triple
Residents Single 600; Double- 800. No triple
Guest House
ADD to standard rates- Non-resident: Single $15; Double- $20. No triple
Residents- Single 1000; Double- 1600. No triple


We have special accommodation arrangements for budget travelers, bagpackers, groups and students.