Welcome to Yare Camel Camp


The Yare Camel Camp is a famous cultural hotel and campsite at the heart of the Samburu Nomadic pastoralists people, Maralal, Kenya, with the focus of preserving the Samburu cultural heritage. It has the following activities:

  1. Maralal International Camel Derby
  2. Culture talks and arranged entertainments / Educational Talks
  3. Culture walks/cultural visit
  4. Camel safaris/Ride/hikes
  5. Cultural Museum
  6. Guided nature walk
  7. Guided bird watching
  8. Bandas- with cultural touch. Samburu Colours, Beadwork, Artwork,- Documentations
  9. Campsite/Camping
  10. Cultural showcases- Traditional Songs, Dances, Artifacts display
  11. Collection of Samburu cultural heritage materials- literary materials,, artifacts,  herbarium, photo gallery
  12. Cultural gift shop
  13. Samburu traditional wild fruits
  14. Traditional fire making
  15. Hosting of students cultural learning trips/holiday programmes.
  16. Resident blacksmith and traditional guitarist
  17. Conference facilities